Fall Portraits

I had so much fun getting to photograph these two families the other day at the farm. The kids were adorable and even if they didn't want to stay still for more than one second it didn't bother me at all. I like wiggly pictures and look they are all smiling!

Rhinebeck 2017

Rhinebeck 2017 did not disappoint! If you have never gotten the change to attend a fiber festival I highly recommend putting it on your to do list. If you get the opportunity to go to Rhinebeck for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival don't miss it! It is the most wonderful place. I have been going to this festival for many years and unlike most things it gets better every year. It gets better because of the people I meet. The stories we share and the overwhelming sense of joy of being in one place with so many like minded people. The festival can be very overwhelming to first time visitors. Especially on Saturday, but Sunday is so much more relaxed. It almost feels like two completely different events from Saturday to Sunday. The crowds are crazy on Saturday, but it is totally worth being a part of that crowd to know how BIG this community of fiber artist is!

This year my sister organized renting a house and all together there were 10 of us staying in the house. We drove up on Friday and attended Needles Up (an event where some of our favorite vendors were selling their goods), then we went to our house. Our house was lovely! The views were spectacular and it was so nice to sit outside and knit. On Saturday and Sunday we attended the festival and now I'm trying to settle back into the real world. Sigh.

At needles up my friend Laura who's podcast is Knit Read Pray and I were VIP VIPs! We had VIP tickets and while we were waiting in line outside we got selected to come in early and shop before all the other people in the VIP line! We were so giddy. It was so much fun. We got to hang out with all the fancy famous people like Amy Beth from the Fat Squirrel Podcast, The Grocery Girls, Amanda from the Yarn Hoarder Podcast, Kristy Glass Knits, the list goes on and on. I was on a mission to get a Fat Squirrel Bag with sheep and not only did I get one bag I got two! The second bag was in impulse purchase and even funnier when we got back to the house three of us had bought the same bag!

We had so much fun in the house. My friend Debbie from It's All About Purple and Robin from Robin's Roost cooked dinner for us. It was delicious!!! I didn't do much cooking, but I did try to help clean up!

My favorite part of the festival is the Leaping Llamas. The festival can be overwhelming at times and I always enjoy getting to sit down and watch a show. One of the best parts of the Leaping Llamas is how we sit back and reflect on the animals that are providing us with the amazing fiber we are there all weekend to purchase! It gives us a chance to learn about each of the farms as well as see all the kids being involved with the animals. Watching goats, alpacas and llamas jump over a pole... and sometimes under a pole... is so entertaining. My face hurts from smiling so much after the show. If you go to Rhinebeck you have to go to the Leaping Llamas and you have to get there early for a seat!

I apologize for the out of order photos, but some were taken with my camera and some with my cell phone. Moving on.... I had purchased a Fat Squirrel bag at Needles Up and was instantly inspired to make a sweater to match the bag. I waited until Sunday before we left and I purchased yarn from Miss Babs to make one (Public Service Announcement: You don't have to wait on line for Miss Babs after all the bus trips leave on Saturday). I am happy to say I casted it on Sunday when I got home and it is looking amazing. I am making a green one to match the sweater in the bottom right hand of the picture below.

I had been on a mission to make a Plum sweater. I didn't find the exact yarn I wanted to I did talk to a vendor and she has the yarn I want to use back at her shop and can mail it to me.

The podcaster meet up was so much fun on Saturday! I got to say hello to so many people I usually only see online. I also got Bristol Ivy's new book Knitting Outside the Box and she signed it for me! I want to cast on every thing in that book! I also got the Making No. 4 book which is really inspiring me to try some new projects!

Once again I am sad Rhinebeck is over and I am already looking forward to next year!

Acadia National Park Day 3- A Hiking We Shall Go

Day 3 in Acadia National Park we headed back to the Park Loop Road for some more hiking. We left the campground around 9 am and stopped at Town Hill Market to pick up wraps and sandwiches for a picnic lunch for later in the day. Then we hopped on the Park Loop Road and parked at Sand Beach. From the parking lot we crossed over the Park Loop Road and got on the trail head for the Beehive & Bowl Trails. From there we followed the Gorham Mountain Trail. The views were outstanding. We really enjoyed this hike. The dogs really enjoyed taking a break at the top of the mountain and cooling off under a bush while we enjoyed the views.

We continued down Gorham Mountain Trail and picked up the path on Ocean Drive. This is a nice level path that we took back to our truck at Sand Beach. We did stop a few times on the way back. We couldn't resist another stop at Thunder Hole.

When we got back to the truck we devoured our lunches. That hike was intense and we needed to fuel ourselves back up!!! So much for the picnic lunch. Instead we parked the truck by Hunters Beach and enjoyed the air conditioning in the truck to cool us down.  But I can't complain about the views.

We headed over to the quieter side of the park and we stopped at Echo Lake for a swim. My jaw dropped when I saw the huge mountain cliffs along side the lake. It was magnificent! I however didn't get a picture!!!! My husband snapped a quick picture of the boys while I took the dogs for a little walk. SIDE NOTE: dogs are not allowed on Sand Beach or Echo Lake. When I handed off the dogs to my husband to take back to the car I enjoyed relaxing on the beach and watching the boys swim. It was so pretty and I can't believe the only picture we have is from my husbands cell phone! I must go back and get better pictures next time!

After the lake we drove to Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. I didn't have high expectations for this stop. I knew everyone was pretty exhausted at this point, but the boys LOVED it at Bass Harbor. They loved climbing on all the rocks. I think it was a nice break from hiking, but they still had the fun of climbing on huge rocks! I loved hearing the bell of the buoys out in the water and watching the sailboats go by. I really was a great spot to sit back and relax and take in the beauty of the island.

I am so glad we stopped here. They boys later in the trip on the way back home noticed a map at the rest stop and saw the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse picture on the cover and they were so excited that they knew that place! It is very iconic and I'm glad we went.

We headed back to the Bar Harbor Oceanside KOA after that and enjoyed a relaxing night at the campground with a campfire and beautiful sunset.